Garage Rock/Blues duo from Sweden

Randy Wild & Raimond Raio Geezer

”The duo The Red Fuze serves a sweet, wild mix of bluesrock, garage, psychadelia and alternative. The garage is rather big-sized and is covered with a distorted blanket, creating a unique sound in which they experiment with a row of rock influences”

-Meadow Music

”Their sound is a mix of old school rock along with that garage feel and some doors-esque keys on this track”

-The Revue

"It is a slab of boisterous rock ‘n’ roll easily stirring the body and emotions, an incitement lying somewhere between White Stripes and In The Whale leaving an intrigue and want for more"

-The RingMaster Review

"Mix White Stripes with a bit of Black Keys and voilá -The Red Fuze”

-@hinux (Twitter)

"If you’re looking for intensity and power, look no further than The Red Fuze"


"Swedish garage-punk duo The Red Fuze get a raucous clash of melodic sounds and confident vocals with Bazooka Circus–a slice of noisy garage pop heaven"


"The Red Fuze one of the best new bands in Sweden"

-The Rodent Hour

"Highly catching 60s organ carries this blues rock slam! A gloriously impetuous duo hailing from Sweden! Their debut EP (in full beneath) rocks big time…"


”While there is a glut of garage rock around at the moment what separates The Red Fuze is the noxious layer of surf rock they stir into the brew. What results is a bone dry spaghetti twang that conjures images of prairie dogs scuttling through the heat haze as J. Wayne strides into town, tin star glinting”


"You need to check out this blues-rock band! The Red Fuze make a classic sound, modern!"

-Republic Music

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